About Us

We are some of Canada’s top-level inline skaters, cyclists and sports enthusiasts and we still actively skate and compete. Besides feeding our addiction to skating, it is a great way for us to make sure we thoroughly test all of our new products!

We are so much more than an internet skate shop. We have a real showroom in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which is open daily and is fully-stocked with all the best inline speedskating equipment to fit every budget, skill level and foot shape. We keep pretty regular hours, but because we are sometimes out on the trails, please call first before dropping by so we can make sure we are here to serve you!

Il Peloton is a strong supporter of the skating community and we exhibit at, race in, and sponsor many local races. We are available to properly fit you for a new pair of skates, make informed recommendations about products or solve your equipment problems. Please drop by our race kiosk, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Il Peloton Ltd. was formed by a group of elite level inline athletes, avid cyclists and sports enthusiasts. They could fill a small factory with their personal collection of bikes, skates, wheels, blades, skis and other toys. “Train Hard. Have Fun. Look Cool” is the company motto, but it also reflects their own personal objectives.

Il Peloton tries to make these goals possible for everyone by providing the same functional, versatile and cool equipment used by professional athletes the world over to sports enthusiasts here in Canada.

They source suppliers with a proven record of expertise and dependability. They are knowledgeable about their products because they personally test them all before stocking anything. They learned from being on the receiving end that attention to detail is critical when taking foot casts for custom boots, so they learned from some of the very best and most experienced people in the industry. They know that some high-mileage skaters still want a higher cuff, and so they carry a high-cut racing skate with top-quality components ordinarily only found in racing boots. They understand the importance of morale and teamwork and dealer support, and so they sponsor a high-power racing team. These are just examples of how Il Peloton understands the needs of other athletes.

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