How do I know what size boot I should get?

We strongly encourage our clients to visit our showroom or our race kiosk to be properly fitted by one of our experienced staff. However, if it is not possible to do so, we will work with you to try and estimate your correct boot size. Every boot manufacture has a different sizing chart, none of which are 100% accurate. Through experience, we know that some size charts fit large and others fit small. To order the right boot for you, please guide us by providing your foot length. The 7-step sizing procedure below will help us to best estimate your boot size in your chosen brand:

1) Put on the same socks you will be skating in. If you skate in bare feet, take off your socks.
2) Put a piece of paper on the floor with the shorter side just touching a flat wall.
3) Place your heel up against the wall. Your heel should just touch the wall.
4) Place your weight on your foot and mark the end of your toe on the paper.
5) Then measure the distance in mm or inches
6) Repeat it for the other foot
7) Make sure you write down the measurements in mm on the piece of paper

Scan your measurements and send them to sales@ilpeloton.com
These procedures cannot replace a fitting session, but will help us to obtain the most accurate estimate without one.


What if I want Custom boots?

Il Peloton offers custom boots by taking fibreglass foot casts – an exact print of your foot and ankle in the correct skating position. The molds are then shipped to the factory where custom lasts are made from the molds. Your boots are then made with these lasts.
Il Peloton staff have been trained by some of the best fitters in the industry, including Alex Bont and Glenn Koshi. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your feet are correctly molded.
We work directly with the manufacturer to make sure that your custom boots meet your specifications.

Note that we do not retain casts for any period of time, nor do we recommend using old casts. Feet change over time (especially skaters’ feet!) and the only way to ensure a perfect fit is to have a mold that is up-to-date.

Fees and conditions
1. Our molding fee is $125CDN including labour and material. Shipping is extra.
2. Shipping and molding fees are included in the custom boot price.
3. Custom molding fees are non-refundable.
4. Custom boots are non-refundable and full payment is required in advance.
5. We will provide you with an expected delivery date at the time of your order: production time varies widely depending on the time of the year.
6. Please contact Il Peloton to book an appointment for a molding session: a molding session takes approximately 1 hour.

P.S. Bont Z and the Bont Vaypor are available in full custom format.

For more information on custom boots, please do not hesitate to contact Il Peloton at sales@ilpeloton.com .

If you are a skater living outside the Ottawa region, please note that Il Peloton travels across Canada and in the US: check our news update to know where we will be in the coming weeks.


What are Semi-Custom boots?

This means changing a boot from it’s stock format – other than changing to short track or long track format (The Jet, Z and Vaypor are available in all formats). Semi custom can mean getting two different sizes for one pair or making a boot wide (but not narrow) or adding a higher arch or removing the arch completely. Semi custom adds $50 to the boot cost, and the boot then becomes non-returnable, non refundable. Please make sure of sizing before you place a semi custom order! Faxes of foot tracings direct to us can be used to determine size, or if semi custom is necessary. We will then add $50 to the boot cost.

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