CLOSEOUT SALE!!!! Awesome deals on some top-of-the-line products!!!


We need to make room for all our summer inventory, and we are having a super-sweet sale on some really great products, including top-of-the line Paul Marchese blades and some great ice boots made by Luigino Verducci. All sales are final and availability is limited to stock on hand. Discounts like this in this sport are very uncommon, so if you have been thinking about upgrading your long track or short track package, there will never be a better time!!!!


Visit our website at or click here to be taken directly to our closeout page!!!

125mm Hardcore is on its way!


After much fanfare and anticipation, our shipment of Bont CVVX 125mm frames and the new Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125mm wheels are enroute! The CVVX frame is a more flexible, more versatile version of the Flyke 125mm frame that we carry. Contact us to see which one is right for you. The Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore is a much-needed addition to the 125mm wheel lineup, with MPC’s superior urethane and an aluminum hub for strength. We’ve been able to bring them to you at very competitive pricing. Contact us about reserving your set!



Incredible Bont Vaypor Bike Shoe Sale


Vaypor White

A great gift for the cyclist in your life, the original Bont Vaypor 100% carbon fibre shoes are on sale for an incredible $299.99. Available in limited colours and sizes, and stock is limited to what we have on hand. The Vaypor Plus is retailing for $499.99 so this represents incredible value.

New from Bont - the Enduro


Bont is launching the Enduro, a new entry-level skate to replace the Cheetah. It is coming soon as the boots will be launched this month. We will have more info soon, as well as feedback from our testing department.

Enduro_White-Black_3PF6061-G14 110MM (Large)Enduro_3PF6061-G14 110MM (Large)

Luigino Blaze Now in Stock!


The Luigino Blaze is a high-end boot from Luigino at a lower price-point than the Bolt. The Blaze, like the Bolt, features Pro-E sole integrated technology which allows the foot to relax into the boot rather than sit ‘on top’ of the sole. Pro-E soles boosts performance through comfort and support, providing additional support through the bottom of the foot and not relying only on ankle support. Pro-E soles will reduce shin problems and foot cramping. NOW IN STOCK AT IL PELOTON!!!!


Skinsuit Sale!


We are clearing out some of our most popular skin suit models! Visit for details. Sales are final and while supplies last.Classic_Bont

WOW Bont K390 Sale - $125 OFF!!!


For those of you who do short track, you know that ST blades never go on sale unless they are basically defective. Well for the 2014 Olympics, all our Bont K390 Platinum blades will be $125 off the regular price of $499.99. This is an unbelievable deal and rarer than the Mexican ST team taking gold in the relay, so act fast!  Now is definitely the time to pick up a spare set!

Now in Stock! New Atom Boom Wheels


New at Il Peloton are the Atom Boom Wheels.  A new dual-pour wheel made by MPC, we saw this wheel at the World Championships in 2013 in Belgium.  The feedback from skaters is that it had a similar feel to the dominant MPC Turbo (and in fact we do know that it is very similar) but that it had greater snap in the corners, and therefore better speed.